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Gas Welding & Cutting Equipment Made In Taiwan

Safety Equipment Made In Taiwan

In 1980, KAYO started devoting into Welding & Working Safety Supplies.

In 1997, KAYO Joined the Auto Parts business.

In 2010, KAYO set up HANDPURE, and entered the Health Care industry.

In 2014, KAYO set up a factory name Wilson Technical Inc,manufacturing Gas Welding & Cutting Equipment.




Soldering---Assembly---Inspection---Leak testing---Flame & Cutting test---Surface polishing---Coating


CNC---Body drilling---Marking---Assembly---Leak testing


Gas welding and Cutting equipment Made in Taiwan,In the demanding arena of global market, KAYO Products Co., Ltd. provides the highest standard products and unrivaled services in operating & safety workplace for more than 34 years.

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